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    <p>Men's fedoras, ivy caps and winter hats are now in for the Fall/Winter 2014 season, as are the shirts, jackets and other apparel by designers Robert Graham and Tommy Bahama. You'll see exclusive newsboys from Anthony Peto and caps from Eugenia Kim, as well as a brand new dress hat by Borsalino in melousine fur felt, called The Traveler. JB Stetson offers an array of patchwork caps plus tweeds and wool blends in addition to a great little stingy brim trilby called The Lennox.</p> <p>This season's line-up of dress hats from Biltmore is something to behold, especially when you note the special finishes used to enhance the fur felt. There's the Rosellini Finish, for example, used on several of these hats, including The LA Pork Pie. It's an extra suede finish that brings out the nap in the fur, creating a soft and irresistible feel. The Tyrolean boasts a Velour Finish which gives the fur an exquisite velvet look, while Biltmore's Smooth Finish (seen on The Florence, among others) actually polishes the fur with special sandpapers and oil cloths, giving it a very smooth feel and special shine.</p> <p>Bailey of Hollywood also offers dress fedoras from its Superior Fur Felt line as well as a number of hats made from specially treated wool felt. You'll see a homburg called The Basil, for instance, made from a fabric called "Litefelt" which is a natural, unstiffened premium wool felt treated with a water repellant and then shaped with a retentive Bailey proprietary process. There are also Cashlux hats, like The Delbert. These are made using ultra-fine micro wool fibers from 'paint free sheep' blended with premium cashmere fibers, which undergo a proprietary sanding technique resulting in a superfine felt blend that achieves the look and feel of a luxurious fur felt.</p> <p>If it's men's clothing you're after, there are several new sport shirts (a couple of them are individually numbered limited editions) from Robert Graham that look great with a pair of RG jeans. Tommy Bahama offers a couple of excellent leather jackets in addition to long sleeve shirts and sweaters. Toss your new clothes in a Will Leather duffel bag (or maybe one from Scully), and you'll be ready to hit the road in style. Don't forget your watch and grab your walking stick on your way out.</p> <p>When winter hits with its freezing temperatures, warm winter hats come to mind, like troopers by Wigens and maybe even fur hats by Leinburd/Crown Cap. You may not be aware that Sam Saba also offers a stylish and very warm leather and sheepskin trooper (or as some people call them bombardiers) along with a leather and fleece ivy cap with earflaps and classic winter bomber jacket.</p> <p>Stetson's brought in a couple of new fur felt hats this year, sure to knock your cashmere socks off. Called The Barnstormer and The Downs, at least one is sure to take top spot on your hat rack (while the other is actually on your head). You'll find customer favorites on the Stetson page as well, including the needs-no-introduction Open Road and Stratoliner with Stetson's own homburg and derby rounding out the fur felt dress hat mix.</p> <p>If it's a leather newsboy you seek, we've got everything from Borsalino's Guiseppe to a Stefeno patch cap called The Randy. Speaking of leather caps, you might want to take a look at the ball cap made by Tracy Watts of Brooklyn, New York -- it's got leather front panels and brim while the back panels are crafted in wool. Another NYC-based hatter, Makins by name, has brought forth some stingy brim hats in fur felt sure to garner compliments. Crafted into fedoras as well as pork pie hat silhouettes, each Makins hat is individually shaped by hand using wooden blocks and live steam, one at a time.</p> <p>Year-round, no matter the season, you can also order Panama hats and linen caps from our Spring/Summer hat collection. We've even created a convenient Made in the USA section, so you can see all our American made hats and caps on one page. It's easy to order your next men's hat from Hartford York, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.</p>
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